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20 top freelancing tips from .netmag

There’s more to freelancing than deciding what tools to use. .netmag lists the 20 tips that some of the leading freelance designers and developers believe in as part of their daily strategy. Read the full list here – About The Author Jim Callender is a Freelance Web DeveloperSince 2003 , Jim has been responsible […]

Available for new agency work

If you are visiting from a marketing, PR or digital agency I am pleased to say that I am available to work with you immediately. I can either be onsite for the duration of the project, or attend a kickoff and handover meeting and do the bulk of the development work from my studio in […]

Create your vision board

Wildly exciting goals lead to wildly exciting results. (Not always, or even often, the precise results you visualized. Don’t let that worry you.) Some time before December 31st, take an hour and write down the most perfect imaginable day for yourself. Where you wake up, what you see, what you have for breakfast, what you […]

It’s about the user, not the device..

Close to 1.5 billion people worldwide use a computer, but that figure pales in comparison to the 4.2 billion (75% of the planet) who use or have access to a mobile phone. If you’re new to mobile design, you may be looking for guidelines or best practices to improve your work. Read the list of […]

Tips to stay professional when freelancing

Some good tips to how to manage and maintain a good reputation when working on and off-site for clients. My favourite is.. Remember why you’re there Your client brought you in to do a job. The manner in which you get that job done is everything. If you sit quietly and get it done in […]

My Favourite WordPress functions – body class & browser detection

The body_class() Function From WordPress 2.8, themes were able to take advantage of the body_class() function to place location-specific classes on the opening tag, usually located in the header.php file of most themes. <body class=”home blog”> Notice, those are two separate classes, either of which you can use as a selector. However, if you are […]