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Jim Callender

Freelance Web designer & developer

Services at a glance

Website Audit

I'll look at what can be improved on your existing website, to increase customer visits, conversion & satisfaction.

Bulletproof security

Hardening best practices to protect your content & customer data, from being stolen by hackers.

Website Performance

Being able to deliver website content quickly is the number one priority for all my projects. Great for Google, & customer experience.

Latest Web Technologies

Early adoption of future-proofed open source web technologies which will benefit all users, now & in the future.

Ongoing technical support

Support well after initial website launch. Advice & implementation of new features to make your website work harder 24/7.

Website promotion & SEO

Expertise in organic SEO & social media visibility. Natural optimisation of web content for ethical long-term SEO benefit.

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Great service from trusted professional developer
Jim really understands, and delivers digital projects. He helped deal with all aspects of Wordpress development on a recent high-profile project.
2 April 2016
Date published: 04/02/2016
5 / 5 stars